Private cloud setup.

We offer private cloud deployment expertise and application development for private cloud environments. Take advantage of private OpenStack deployment or FIWARE infrastructure, customized to fit the problem at hand.

Hosting of cloud deployments

If you have (larger) developer team but do not have dedicated hardware, we can provide you with the IaaS/PaaS infrastructure hosted on our premisses.
IaaS is provided by the latest OpenStack deployment providing you with state of the art technology of cloud deployments. Additionally, we take care of identity management for you (for instance integrate with your existing IdP or authentication system, or create IdP management infrastructure supporting federation with implemented standards/frameworks such as SAML, and OAuth2).



Hybrid cloud

The cloud deployment supports integration with your existing private cloud. This enables you cloud bursting in case of lack of resources on your infrastructure.

Identity Management

Through our solutions you could use available PaaS services such as distributed SQL or NoSQL solutions, and pre-made stacks supporting your needs.

Platform as a Service

Through our solutions you could use available PaaS services such as distributed SQL or NoSQL solutions, and pre-made stacks supporting your needs.

Mitigating disasters

You should not be afraid of loosing your data since it is replicated on multiple sites.

Private OpenStack deployments

The deployment entails the installation of the full stack of OpenStack Ice House or Juno Release 10 - depends on your requirements. Deployment takes account and includes easily upgradeable path to take advantages of OpenStack updated release (bug fixes, new feature sets). Given the modular nature of Openstack, we want to be able to take advantage of the full feature set. By the full Openstack stack, we aim at the full compatible release of the prescribed version of either that suits your needs (Ice House or Juno release).
It is assumed here that these installations will be done either with any of the following open source automation tools including: CFEngine, Puppet or Chef. You have the flexibility here too to select any of the tool for this deployment. However do note that it will be necessary to make available all the scripts used during this installation to facilitate future trouble shooting or upgradability. Whichever tool is adopted, it will be configured for a central status monitoring dashboard such as Nagios or Ganglia.
All the scripts (e.g. Chef deployment scripts) will be provided and exported as subversion data (git) which will enable traceability of all the changes. Automation will be limited to Compute or Storage nodes. When considering Networking and upgrading, the deployment needs special care.
The deployment consists of the following services: Compute (code-name Nova), Networking (code-name Neutron), Object Storage (code-name Swift), Block Storage (code-name Cinder), Identity (code-name Keystone) , Image Service (code-name Glance), Dashboard (code-name Horizon), Telemetry (code-name Ceilometer), Orchestration (code-name Heat), Database (code-name Trove), Data Processing (code-name Sahara)



OpenStack Compute (code name Nova)

KVM virtualization will be supported. Hyper-V needs Windows server as hosts. However, you can deploy Windows VMs over KVM (using the OpenStack cluster) with images we specifically prepare for you to run on top of OpenStack.

OpenStack Networking (code name Neutron)

Deployment of OpenDaylight depends on the hardware infrastructure available to you. VLANs will be used for the infrastructure only, not for provisioned VMs. GRE tunnels are used internally, not VLANs. OpenStack Networking service will not run on all Controller Nodes (see Figure 1). HA settings are not straight forward and need extra effort. However, we can deploy several instances of neutron-api service (API frontend of the Networking) and deploy HAProxy in front of it. Moreover, tenants are isolated from each other; communication with other tenants will be possible trough external/floating IP pool. Firewall rules/policies are out of scope since this would include OpenDaylight experimenting with the infrastructure.

OpenStack Object, Block Storage, Image Service (code name Swift, Cinder, Glance)

The storage will be provided by the Ceph solution - fault tolerant distributed storage (block, object). 3-time replication will be enabled among Ceph nodes (see Figure 1). What is stateless (glance-api) can be distributed on Controller and Network controller, loadbalancer proxy can be configured.

OpenStack Identity (codename Keystone)

It is important that the physical server infrastructure has no legacy software running hence the opportunity or option and flexibility to install an authentication server service to bind with Openstack Keystone. Our goal is to provide authentication on both, Linux and Windows clients. For this purpose, our preferred open source software in place of Microsoft Active Directory is the Open source Samba 4x and OpenLDAP to be integrated with OpenStack Keystone. This deployment will necessitate that Samba and OpenLDAP are installed on a Node and bounded with Openstack Keystone service.

Private FIWARE infrastructure deployments

FIWARE infrastructure is suitable for organizations that wish to have simple way to publish their data and quickly build new applications around the data. Moreover, the organization gains access to easily deploy applications via Store (Wstore and Marketplace) using Widgets (Wirecloud Mashup). The platform provides means to orchestrate already existing cloud resources and connecting these with Store and Widgets. Autorisation and Identity management is provided by special FIWARE services, namely KeyRock integrated with the rest of services. Main building blocks:




Authorization service providing Single Sign On capabilities and integrates with all FIWARE services. It also includes the top menu for selecting installed Generic Enablers (GE).

Clouds and Infrastructure

Cloud resources are orchestrated by FIWARE Cloud service. Additional service ManageIQ can be integrated

Store and widgets

Wstore, Repository, Wirecloud Mashup and Marketplace are the components providing Store and Widget capabilities.

Data Store and Manipulation

CKAN is the solution providing means to release data together with mechanism to access the data via RESTful API.

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